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Kontakta Kils kommun

0554-191 00
8:00-12.00 och 13.00-16:00
8:00-12.00 och 13.00-16:00
Östra Torggatan 2D
665 23 Kil
FE 1407
645 88 Strängnäs

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Welcome to an all-embracing information about Kil's municipality in English. Remaining pages on the web site you will be able to get translated through Google translation.

Kil's Municipality

In Kil you find most of the essential requirements such as service, friends, communications and leisure-activities in the neighbourhood. This nearness creates a feeling of solidarity, which shows in a number of committed societies all around the place. Among other things you find golf-course, slalom-slope, sports grounds, indoor ice-rink, covered tennis-courts, riding-school/club, sport centre and football fields.

Thanks to club life, sports grounds and the closeness to the beautiful scenery, a number of chances for recreation are made. Kil is also able to offer a well-known high quality, cheap and mixed living.

Kil is situated in the province of Värmland.
By train, bus or car you easily commute to Karlstad in fifteen minutes and in three hours you reach Stockholm, Gothenburg or Oslo. Karlstads Airport within eight kilometres, offers you good possibilities to reach Europe and the rest of the world.

The municipality has three parishes, Stora Kil, Frykerud and Boda. The inhabitants are almost 12 000 in total.

Within the municipality there are a lot of watercourses, lakes and small lakes and you are free to hike, go fishing, and pick berries and mushroom. With some luck you might get a chance to spot wild animals such as beaver, deer, elk or fox. Many artists and handicraftsmen are living in Kil inspired by the landscape.

Welcome to Kil!