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8:00-12.00 och 13.00-16:00
Östra Torggatan 2D
665 23 Kil
FE 1407
645 88 Strängnäs

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Children and education

School system

In Kil's municipality there are seven school-management areas. In each and everyone child-care and school system are existing.

Child-care system

We can offer you the following choices of child-care:

  • Preschool for children from one – five-years-old
  • After-school recreation centre for children from six – twelve-years-old
  • Registered childminding home for children from one – twelve-years-old
    (a child-minder takes care of children at home)

Child-care three hours daily can be offered at preschool or registered childminding home:

  • Children from one – five-years-old whose parent/guardian is unemployed or on parental leave
  • Children demanding special support in their development.

An application for child-care system can be made at the earliest nine months before wanted date of placing, but ought to have been handed in at the latest four months before requested placing, in order to offer the child a place at the moment wished for.


The nine-year-school in Sweden is compulsory and is composed of form and school year one-nine. The nine-year-school is followed by the upper secondary school, but it is not compulsory. Most youth however complete the upper secondary school education as well.

Upper secondary school

The upper secondary school is three school years long. Most young people go from the nine-year-school to the upper secondary school in Karlstad, since there is no such school in Kil. Train and bus communications for commuters are first-rate.

Adult education

There is no such thing as adult education in Kil. If you wish to take part in such an education, you have to look for such offers in other municipalities. In Kil you have the chance to take part in distance education. The teaching is free, but you have to pay for your books and other material.
You are able to get study counselling and information about how to finance your studies from our study counsellor. Call: + 46(0)554-192 25

In Karlstad, Karlstad University is situated.

School of music

The school of music has many different activities for all age groups. We offer teaching in instrumental music – individual or in a group - , orchestras, ensembles and trill & dance.


If you need more information in general or want to report your child to child-care system or school, you are welcome to contact barn och utbildningsförvaltningen (the child and education administration)
Call: + 46(0)554-191 87.


Here you find further information about the Swedish education system.