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Kontakta Kils kommun

0554-191 00
8:00-12.00 och 13.00-16:00
8:00-12.00 och 13.00-16:00
Östra Torggatan 2D
665 23 Kil
FE 1407
645 88 Strängnäs

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Move here

More and more discover all the benefits by staying in Kil. Thanks to our location, you get access to all the different education program, university, trade and public activities, which the region has to offer. All within comfortable reach!

Still the most important in Kil must be, all the chances to feel good and at home.

Here the distances between inhabitants and decision-makers are short. We have a well functioning school system and social care. The terrific scenery we have at our very doorstep, and a rich and varying social life makes it nice and easy to find new friends and activities all the year round.

If you are looking for a place to live in Kil's municipality, there are several alternatives; private or public, flat, co-operative flat or a private house? Maybe you want to buy a site of your own and build your own house?

Estate agents and municipal housing corporations

Through these links to estate agents and municipal housing corporations you can look for your wanted form of living yourself.

Local estate agents in Kil are

Dwellings from Swedish estate agents

Bostadsbolag (municipal housing corporations)